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                      Please support the people of Myanmar to
                       build their nation for future generations.


After six decades of internal conflict and political struggles, Myanmar is moving towards a new age of democracy. Led by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo S.D.B., the Catholic Church has prioritised education as the key stepping stone to peace.

Ten years ago Cardinal Bo initiated a teacher-training centre, Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education (PSIE), to help support education across the country, with the goal to help heal and build a prosperous Myanmar.

The Church in Myanmar has placed education as its top priority; through providing schools with teachers who are well-trained with child-centred education, as well as supporting the construction and renovation of schools, children in even the most remote parts of Myanmar will have better access to quality education.

St John’s School in the remote northern town of Hakha, is a newly established school that services over 50 local children in preschool to year one. The teachers at St John’s provide holistic education to the children through interactive learning with education resources and child-centred methodologies – as they have all been trained through the Church’s teacher-training programs. 

PSIE provides young men and women with the training and skills they need to reach out to communities like Hakha, and support the education of children so that they have a brighter future. 

Watch the short video above to learn more about St John’s School, PSIE and the work of the Church in Myanmar.

Below are ways your gift can help support the work of the Church in Myanmar. Your kind donation today will not only benefit communities in Myanmar, but also communities in other developing countries around the world. Thank you for your commitment and support of this work of global mission. Your generosity makes a real difference.

can cover the cost of training one teacher at Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education for three days.

$100 can contribute towards the cost of educational resources for remote schools supported by the work of the Church in Myanmar.

You are making a Single tax-deductible donation. 

Donation of $2 or more are Tax-deductible.

Click here if you wish to make a non-tax-deductible donation.

These gifts are representative of the types of projects your donation will support in Myanmar and around the world.

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