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Children’s Mission Partners is Catholic Mission’s regular giving program supporting our work with Children. (tax-deductible)

Many children still today die prematurely due to malnutrition or preventable diseases. Countless suffer from hunger or have to face life on the street, thus lacking the opportunity of a decent education.

Through the grassroots work of priests, religious and lay workers, Catholic Mission reaches out to thousands of children by supporting projects that provide holistic child development—physical, emotional and spiritual—and aims to feed, shelter, educate, and provide the vaccinations and healthcare that the children need. We believe it is the right of every child to be given as many opportunities as possible to grow and develop.

By becoming a Children’s Mission Partner from as little as $33 a month you will help entire communities and their children to break the cycle of poverty and find new hope.

As a Children’s Mission Partner, four times a year you will receive a newsletter from us, sharing with you inspirational stories of the children and communities you are helping throughout the world.

Please note that we divide projects supported through Children’s Mission Partners into two categories: tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible.

Below are some examples of projects that you will be supporting if you choose to make a tax-deductible regular donation to the Children’s Mission Partners program.

Your tax-deductible gifts will go towards child-focused community development programs run by local dioceses and religious orders which: encourage local community participation; improve the well-being of those in need without discriminating by race, religion, culture or political persuasion; and produce sustainable benefits that will continue after development assistance has ceased.

Examples of projects include:

  • Community-based kindergarten and schools
  • Water and sanitation
  • Community-based health care
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • Emergency and disaster risk reduction
  • Vocational training
  • Social enterprises and microfinance

I would like to support Children’s Mission Partners with a monthly tax-deductible gift of:

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These gifts are representative of the types of projects your donation will support around the world.
Any extra funds will support similar Catholic Mission projects.

If you would like to support Children’s Mission Partners by making a non-tax-deductible gift,
please click here.

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Catholic Mission (ABN 52 945 927 066) is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient with charity status. We are endorsed to access Income Tax Exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

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